The Eat Pray Thot Podcast


The Eat Pray Thot Podcast (EPT) is an interview series that explores the experiences of black and brown creatives, with a focus on LGBTQ folks, through the exploration of their palate, passions, and past & present sex lives. Hosted by creator and current music publicist Savoy Jefferson with co-host and producer, Amber Watson, the innovative yet racy podcast can best be described as Maya Angelou meets Cardi B as its inspirational, raw and funny!

EPT invites its listeners inside the world of some of our favorite content creators who are also navigating the trials of adult life. From these stories, Savoy, Amber, and  the guest provide a form of “ratchet therapy” that informs the listeners its ok to make mistakes in your career and in love, its ok to not love yourself fully, but continue to grow because life will get better the harder you work and the harder you laugh.