Episode 305: Memoirs Of A Bussy featuring Ryan Sides

This week’s episode is officially our 50th episode. That means this bussy is seasoned! And Whew Chile…The FLAVOR! Thanks #BussyHive for rocking with us for 50 shows and here is to 50 more episodes!

Our guest this week is the thotty, handsome, intelligent and kind Ryan Sides! Mr. Sides is a social media maven, brand strategist, marketing executive and writer. His work has been featured on Complex, Washington Post and EBONY among others!

We discuss his first experience having an edible, the stages of grief, poly/non-traditional relationships, his future career manifestations and group sex. In addition to our standard ignorance because we are true to our brand lol!

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Guest Socials:
Twitter: @writelikeryan
Instagram: @runafterryan
Tumblr: thebrooklynsavage.tumblr.com 

Instagram: @eatprayth0t (its a zero not an o)
Twitter: @EatPrayThot
Website: www.eatpraythot.com

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