Episode 108: Candy

“It like candy. I can feel it when you walk.” Episode 8 is entitled Candy because the hit single by Cameo is my go-to bad bitch anthem and will be played at my wedding reception.

This week’s guest is someone who I met on my first day as a permanent resident of New York City, Roz Mays known to various folks as Roz The Diva! Roz is a  pole instructor/performer and personal trainer, who has been profiled by a variety of publications including ESSENCE, The New York Times, The Guardian and ESPN to name a few!

Roz and I have a hilarious convo about all things including our favorite porn stars, what happens when you teach twerk classes in Idaho and the various uses of  birthday cake ice cream! So, go ahead and hit that play button!

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Guest Socials:

Website: www.rozthediva.com

Instagram: @rozthediva

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RozTheDiva/

Photo Credit: Michael Leroy

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