Episode 119: Da Baddest B***h

Trina is truly one of my biggest inspirations. Her confidence and courage to say the shit that she says is for a lack of better words impressive! So after “Da Baddest Bitch” came on at a party this past weekend, I decided that it was only right that I name an episode after the queen of the South!

This week’s guest is definitely one of my faves this season and he really brought out the best in me! Dewayne Perkins is a stand-up comedian, actor and TV writer.

The Chicago native discusses his recent move to New York, his experiences as a black gay comedian as well as our experiences dealing with superficial nature of gay dating at times. Oh and of course, we talk about dick and trash ass men lol!

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Guest Socials:
Instagram: @DewaynePerkins
Twitter: @dewaynekperkins
Website: http://www.dewayneperkins.com/

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