Episode 212: Jason’s Lyrics featuring Tyomi Morgan-Najieb

I was 9 and the year was 1995, Jason’s Lyric was the film. The film that to this day still has the best sex scene ever in my opinion because who doesn’t want to get fucked in a TV shop!

Our guest this week is the sexy and healing spirit better known as Tyomi Morgan-Najieb. She is a Sexologist, an International Pleasure Coach, Tantrica, website creator and sexual media maven.

We discuss Tyomi’s career as a Sexpert, the reason why she is so passionate about her work, the healing powers of sex and our shared love of Italian Beefs.

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Instagram: @eatprayth0t (its a zero not an o)
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Guest Socials:
Instagram: @realglamazontyomi
Twitter: @Glamazontyomi
Website: www.glamerotica101.com

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