Episode 218: Paris Is Burning Featuring Ze Taylor

The category is: Butch Queen First Time In Drags At A Ball! Paris Is Burning is simply put one of the most important documentaries of our time and showcases just how influential the Black LGBTQ+ community has been to pop culture!

This week we are joined by many folks including guest co-host, Mars D. Silver and our personal Podcast cook, Chef KT! Our main guest is Ze Taylor is a queer rapper, who’s mixtape The Gay Agenda received critical acclaim from outlets like The FADER & Billboard. He will release his new EP, Fruit drops February 14th, 2019.

We discuss Ze’s experiences as a Black queer rapper, the sometimes complicated nature of relationships, modest big dick energy, the best restaurants to find trade in Atlanta and fucking Jesus lol!

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Guest Socials:

Ze Taylor –
Instagram: @fatherbonnet

Mars D. Silver –
Instagram: @marsblaqueman
Twitter: @marsblaqueman

Chef KT –
Instagram: @chefprospergawd
Twitter: @ChefProsperGawd

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