Episode 220: Love Jones featuring Emil Wilbekin

There are some films and that just change your life! Love Jones is one of those movies. My dream is to find my Darius Lovehall and have him write beautiful as well as nasty poems about me! The story, the music, the imagery…whew chile, true cinema!

One word to describe this week’s guest – LEGEND! Emil Wilbekin is a founding editor of Vibe Magazine, a former editor at large at Essence Magazine, the former editor in chief at Giant Magazine and the current chief content editor at Afropunk. He is also the founder of Native Son, an intergenerational movement with the aim of creating a safe space to empower black gay men and celebrate their achievements in the arts, business, media, fashion, politics, and healthcare.

Emil discusses his illustrious career, pumpkin bread, his dating life, silky tops & tans in the early 2000’s as well as Ashanti’s legacy (y’all know The Bussy Champion Stans)!

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