Episode 303: Bussy Cocktails featuring Charles Hughes & Richard Solomon of Lambda Vodka

First #BussyHive, let me state that I, Savoy Jefferson aka Top 5 Bussy Dead Or Alive was extremely tipsy during this episode and Amber was given mess from the very beginning. So, essentially this episode is beautifully ignorant!

Charles Hughes & Richard Solomon are the owners and creators of Lambda Vodka. The couple and business owners saw an
open market in the LGBTQ community that lead them to launch a spirit created for “all communities” by “our community”. Hughes & Solomon have also been together for 10 years and married for 3 years.

We discuss Charles & Richard’s decade long relationship as well as their messy beginnings lol, the creation of Lambda Vodka and the significance behind the name, how their
relationship has changed over the years and even discuss where they see themselves sexually in their 60’s!

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Guest Socials:

Instagram: @drinklambdavodka
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrinkLambdaVodka/
Website: https://www.lambdavodka.com/

Instagram: @eatprayth0t (its a zero not an o)
Twitter: @EatPrayThot
Website: www.eatpraythot.com

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