Episode 311: Bad Fat Black Bussy featuring Sesali Bowen

BussyHive, we are officially halfway through season 3 and I have to say that today’s conversation was so needed for me personally as well as healing! Our guest this week is one of the baddest bitches in the world, Ms. Sesali Bowen.

She is a writer and editor who has written for the likes of Refinery29 & Nylon among others. She is also releasing her memoir, Notes From A Trap Feminist in 2021 and a Chicago Native!

We discuss everything from desirability to spaghetti as a side dish as well as Sesali’s experience being a bad, fat, black girl in America among other things! Oh, and did I mention, we laugh a lot during this episode, but that’s a given honestly.

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Guest Socials:
Twitter: @BadFatBlackGirl
Instagram: @badfatblackgirl

Instagram: @eatprayth0t (its a zero not an o)
Twitter: @EatPrayThot
Website: www.eatpraythot.com

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