Episode 402: A Different World Feat. Kendrick Daye

It’s a different world than where ya come from…It’s a Bussy world where is that dick from, is it good now! Today, we celebrate A Different World and the greatness that is Debbie Allen, the original bougie couture, Whitley Gilbert-Wayne (Jasmine Guy), and the creator of the cool kid aesthetic, Dwayne Cleofis Wayne (Kadeem Hardison).

Our guest this week is Kendrick Daye, a multimedia artist, designer, and the creator of the much talked about, Black Queer Tarot. We discuss bird history and how Trina is the original bird historian, bringing oppression into the bedroom, sex magic, and Daye’s creative process/strategy behind creating Black Queer Tarot. Lastly, I must say this is one of our funniest episodes ever!

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Support Black Queer Tarot Here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-black-queer-tarot#/
Twitter: @kendrickdaye
Instagram: kendrickdaye
Website: www.kendrickdaye.com

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