Episode 404: Insecure Feat. Lisa Beasley

In 2016, Issa Rae debuted one of the best and most relatable TV shows of all time! For the past five years, Insecure has displayed just how crazy, fun and frustrating life as a Black millennial navigating adulthood can be! With the show coming to an end with it’s upcoming 5th season, EPT wanted to show our appreciation by naming this week’s episdoe after the series as well as discuss our favorite niggas from the program! #JusticeForDanielnJared

Our guest this week is the extremely funny and introspective Lisa Beasley, who is a comedian, actor and entrepreneur that most recently went viral for her hilarious spoof of Margaret Thatcher. During the episode we discuss parenting, the highs & lows of being a black female comedian in predominantly white spaces and how she is working to establish generational wealth by financially liberating herself better known as #candlemoney LOL!

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Twitter: @lisabexperience

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisabexperience

Website: https://www.lisabexperience.com/

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Instagram: @eatprayth0t (it’s a zero not an o)

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