Episode 504: The Bussy Eclipse featuring Jimanekia Eborn

Dear #BussyHive, we know we are a week late…but like Ashanti and Ja Rule, we might not always be there when you call, but we are always on time…can I get a PURRRRRRR?!

Our guest this week is a Queer, Sexual Assault & Trauma Expert, Trauma Media Consultant, and Comprehensive Sex Educator. #BussyHive please welcome thee Trauma Queen herself, Jimanekia Eborn. During the interview, we discuss the greatness that is the snack table at orgies, why she calls herself the Trauma Queen, professional wrestling and her top 3 sex scenes in film and TV history.

Lastly, #BussyHive, if you are interested in the “Yes, No, Maybe Checklist” that Jimanekia discusses in the thot section of the interview, you can find it here: https://sexualhealthalliance.com/nymphomedia-blog/yes-no-maybe-checklists

Guest Socials:
Instagram: jimanekia
Twitter (Because We Refuse To Call It X LOL): @Jimanekia
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jimthegem
Website: www.traumaqueen.love/; www.tendingthegarden.love/; /www.cintima.co/

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