Episode 507: Thot Leader featuring Ryan Ken

Amber and I haven’t been fucking much lately, but don’t cry for us Argentina LOL because we are still Thot Leaders at the core of our beings!

Our guest this week is the hilarious and inspiring Ryan Ken, who is an actor, TV writer, 2x EMMY Award winner and thought leader. During our conversation, we discuss which stan groups we would fuck and why, topics we would add to sex education for Queer children, preparing hate meals for Taylor Swift and Ryan’s journey to success. 

This was a very fun interview and definitely is going to be added to the list of your favorite episodes if you are an OG #BussyHive member…and that’s on Mary Had A Little Lamb lol!

Guest Socials:Instagram: ryan_ken_actsTikTok: @ryan_ken_actsTwitter: 


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