Episode 317: My Bussy is Tired of Social Distancing feat: Demi

The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the world and this shit is trash! I’ve been practicing social distancing, but whew chile I miss people and going out to eat, but thank God, we are all healthy! A true blessing honestly.

This week’s guest is the Mother of Kittens and Master of Dissertation better known as Demi! More importantly, he is the originator/host of SpilledMilk Podcast as well as Demi’s Dissertations.

Demi is truly one of the most hilarious individuals on the planet and he brought his Quali-Tea humor as well as his unique experiences to our show! We discuss love, depression, exes returning during quarantine and brunches with the CEO of Lysol & Hand Sanitizer LMAO!

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Guest Socials:
Twitter: @DamnxxDemi @SpilledMilkPod
Instagram: @damnxxdemi @spilledmilkpod
Website: https://linktr.ee/spilledmilkpod

Instagram: @eatprayth0t (its a zero not an o)
Twitter: @EatPrayThot

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