Episode 318: It’s Never Too Early To Believe In Your Bussy Feat: Corey P. Townsend

BUSSYHIVE WE ARE BACK! We know right now that the world is crazy, but we hope our show can be a little piece of peace and ignorance! Most importantly, BLACK LIVES MATTER, ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER PERIODT!

This week’s episode features social media extraordinaire and interviewer, Corey P. Townsend! During the show, we discuss Rona sex or lack thereof, why a saint is just a bottom who fell down & got up LOL and how he maintains self-care while covering systemic racism/homophobia/transphobia and other ills as a journalist.

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Guest Socials:
Twitter: @CoreyPTownsend
Instagram: coreyptownsend
Website: kinja.com/coreytownsend

Instagram: @eatprayth0t (its a zero not an o)
Twitter: @EatPrayThot

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