Episode 501: SOS Therapy featuring Shahem Mclaurin

Happy Official Season 5 Premiere #BussyHive…one word, LEGENDARY! Some may even say Therapeutic!

You probably know our guest from TikTok or Instagram as they stay going viral with their free therapy advice, which is insightful as well as life-changing and even hilarious at times. This week our season debut guest is Shahem Mclaurin, who is a Black, genderqueer, licensed social worker/therapist and influencer born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland who is currently stationed in Brooklyn, New York.

We discuss our fave better known as SZA, astrological signs, the importance of Black mental health professionals, offer counseling advice to Power Bottoms (LOL) and why being a guncle is such a rewarding experience! Please #BussyHive we ask that you open your legs, hearts and minds to this amazing guest and episode, you won’t be disappointed.Guest Socials:TikTok: 5hahemInstagram: 5hahem

Twitter (Because We Refuse To Call It X LOL): @shaTIRED

Website: https://www.5hahem.com/

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