Episode 502: Bussy Electralytes featuring Electra Telesford

Dear #BussyHive, it’s our third episode in a row, Season 5 is on a roll honey…a true ICON you hear me LOL! But real talk, thank you all for all the welcome back love. Amber and I are truly thankful to each and every one of you!

Our guest this week is comedian and actress, Electra Telesford. During the interview, we discussed the greatness of hater pods, dealing with rejection within the entertainment world, Guyanese cuisine and adventures in “pick me” dating.

Lastly, remember #BussyHive to drink your water and keep your bussies hydrated because a dry bussy is not of the Lord lol!

Oh and one more thing! if you’re in the NYC area, go support our girl Electra and see her show #Forever28 on March 23rd at 7pm.

You can get tickets here:

Guest Socials:
TikTok: electra_telesford
Instagram: electra_telesford
Twitter (Because We Refuse To Call It X LOL): @electra_teles
Website: www.electratelesford.com/

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