Episode 509: Opulence, You Own Everything featuring B. Pagels-Minor

Hello Everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend and ate some good ass barbeque and maybe sat on someone’s face. 

Our guest this week is the trailblazing B. Pagels- Minor, who is a business coach, speaker, product professional, activist and the first openly transgender person to own a venture capitalist firm, DVRGNT Ventures. During our conversation, we discuss Nehi Peach Soda, their mother taking them to the gay club the summer after they came out, why we understand our mothers’ frustration when we didn’t defrost chicken as kids and the blissful hour of parenthood. 

To conclude, #BussyHive don’t forget that this summer we are embottoming abundance, so please we beg you do not fuck any broken souls this summer, you deserve high vibration sex dammit! 

**There are a few clanking sounds during the episode, very slight, but happens a few times throughout the episode. We always try to provide the best audio quality, but even bad bitches can’t fix everything.**

Guest Socials:

Instagram: bpagelsminor, dvrgntventures, thewealthsalons

TikTok: bpagelsminor

Twitter AKA X: @bpagelsminor

Website: www.bpagelsminor.com / www.dvrgntventures.com / www.thewealthsalons.com

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