Episode 510: Dear Black Gay Men, I Just Want Some Dick For Pride Featuring Jai The Gentleman

It’s June baby better known as PRIDE month, so it’s only right that we be who we are for our pride LOL!
Our guest this week is the ever so vibrant Jai The Gentleman, who is the host and creator of Dear Black Gay Men, a podcast and YouTube channel dedicated to having thought-provoking conversations with Black gay men about the community. During this ridiculous ass episode we discuss why asparagus is no go for dinner dates, the best poppers, crying during sex and our collective love, respect and honor of bottoms. 
This is our 90th episode #BussyHive, so you already know that 100th episode is around the corner, so get ready!

Guest Socials:

Instagram: @JaiTheGentleman, @dearblackgaymen

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@dearblackgaymen

TikTok: @dearblackgaymen

Website: https://dearblackgaymen.shop/

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